This conviction is referred to as “existential mattering” and is a strong component of the experience of meaning in life. While the concept of existential mattering often evokes images of famous (and infamous) people who have done extraordinary things in their lives—like Mother Theresa, Cesar Chavez, or Bill Gates—many people gain a sense of mattering through avenues more easily traversed. It’s important to note that there is no single way to find meaning; what makes your life meaningful is a personal quest. Some people may find more meaning in their jobs, some in their families, some in friendship, and some in nature or arts.

The Big Questions: How to Find Meaning in Life

Existentialism proposes that people have the freedom, and the responsibility, to make our own choices and that leaning on institutions or other individuals to tell us how to make our moral choices is inauthentic and hinders our personal development. According to existential how to create meaning in life thought, we must look within ourselves to find meaning, to assert our values, and to make the decisions that shape our lives. Because living a meaningful life is essential to well-being and life satisfaction, let me conclude by recommending ways to enhance meaningfulness.

Option 3: The Meaning of Life Is Self-Actualization

Purpose guides decisions and shapes our behaviours, and acts like a principle that organises our lives. Therefore, purpose is something that we need to find or create. However, not all volunteer activities will lead to a sense of purpose. “Sometimes volunteering can be deadening,” warns Stanford University researcher Anne Colby.

How to Find Meaning Outside of Work — Science of Us – The Cut

How to Find Meaning Outside of Work — Science of Us.

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Taking time to reflect on your life dreams—to write the next chapters of your life story—can help to connect everyday life and daily goals to broader aspirations. Instead of wandering aimlessly, having “clear eyes” gives you a sense of direction and the motivation (a full heart) to help you achieve your goals and allow those accomplishments to imbue your life with meaning. So the good news is, you don’t have to choose between having wealth and living a meaningful life.

Option 5: The Meaning of Life Is That Life Has No Meaning

The realization that there is only one certainty in life – death – can cause great anxiety for many. Increasingly, psychologists have begun to realize the importance of meaning to our wellbeing and happiness. By surrounding yourself with people that genuinely love you, you are able to realize that your existence resounds with the people around you. You see, we often feel as though we are alone, that our existence in the universe has no impact on the greater good. While searching for meaning may be as big of a task as pining for happiness, researchers say that there are significant differences between the two.

how to create meaning in life

There’s a reason you typed something, so make sure it’s known. Upon reading your words, make it abundantly clear what you want someone to do. Make the call to action obvious, clear and compelling to stand the best chance of success. This applies to internal company memos and everything you share in public. When you enact them intentionally like that, they can have a greater resonance.

Taurus reminds us that pleasure and joy are our birthright as human beings, and to consider ways you’re able to spread joy and pleasure to uplift and care for those around you. There are pure or extreme versions of holism present in theliterature, according to which the only possible bearer of meaning inlife is a person’s life as a whole, and not any isolatedactivities, relationships, or states (Taylor 1989, 48–51;Tabensky 2003; Levinson 2004). A salient argument for this position isthat judgments of the meaningfulness of a part of someone’s lifeare merely provisional, open to revision upon considering how they fitinto a wider perspective.

how to create meaning in life

Don’t forget to notice the meaning that is already in your life. Maybe you find meaning in that one flower that somehow grew from between the cracks of the sidewalk. Maybe there is meaning in looking over rolling hills that seem to stretch on forever. There are all sorts of little things that can provide meaning if you take the time to notice them. Regardless of the strategy you choose, kindness is a great way to create more meaning in your life.

After all, we only attach importance to an experience and see it as significant if it has meaning. Similarly, a sense of meaning and purpose is crucial to create an environment for pursuing personal goals. Before you continue, we thought you might like to download our three Meaning and Valued Living Exercises for free. Before we share the 4 basic pillars to finding meaning in life, according to psychology, watch the video below by Ideapod CEO Justin Brown. He shares a counter-intuitive approach to being happy, which involves letting go of your pursuit of happiness. Confidence in life’s meaningfulness may be greatest around age 60, on average, a recent study suggests.

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