Project Accounting Guide For Consultants & Consulting Firms

And while there are accounting-specific requirements, it’s important to remember that you’re starting a business first. With B12, you pay a monthly subscription, with all your design work and maintenance included. You get access to leading website development technology and a team of talented designers with decades of combined industry experience. Best of all, the […]

Process Costing System: Examples, Methods, and Steps

Examples of companies that typically use a process costing system include oil refiners, food processors, and paint manufacturers. In contrast, job costing systems are used when products are produced in small quantities, when production varies greatly from one period to the next, or for manufacturers of dissimilar products. Calculating the applicable costs is the next […]

Backdoor Roth IRA: Advantages and Tax Implications Explained

It’s much better to go with a “clean” backdoor Roth from the get-go. If there’s any possibility that your income will be over the limit again, simply contribute to a Traditional IRA for 2024 in 2024 and convert it to Roth in 2024. You’re allowed to do a clean backdoor Roth even if your income […]

Chimera Declares Second Quarter 2024 Preferred Stock Dividends

Because par values are not the same as trading values, you have to pay attention to the trading price of preferred shares as well. If the preferred stock from the example above is trading at $110, its effective dividend yield would decrease to 4.5%. Another difference is that only common stockholders get to vote on […]