Alcohol use disorder Diagnosis and treatment

You should ask a loved one to stay with you during this process, and you may need to visit a clinician for daily monitoring. Hosted by therapist Amy Morin, LCSW, this episode of The Verywell Mind Podcast shares strategies for coping with alcohol cravings and other addictions, featuring addiction specialist John Umhau, MD. This change […]

What if Donald Trump wins? 5 takeaways from TIME magazine interview

This conviction is referred to as “existential mattering” and is a strong component of the experience of meaning in life. While the concept of existential mattering often evokes images of famous (and infamous) people who have done extraordinary things in their lives—like Mother Theresa, Cesar Chavez, or Bill Gates—many people gain a sense of mattering […]

Physical Signs and Other Symptoms of Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse

If you think a partner, friend, or family member may be living with alcohol use disorder, you can take this quiz on behalf of them as well. This online screening is not intended to be a diagnostic tool. It will not guarantee that you may be diagnosed with alcohol use disorder. Our admissions navigators are […]

Alcohol Use and Your Health Alcohol Use

Taking Eliquis with NSAIDs can increase the risk of bleeding. Researchers have found that low-to-moderate drinking could reduce certain processes that lead to heart disease and inflammation. However, more research is necessary to determine whether alcohol use is directly responsible for these possible heart benefits. Occasionally your healthcare provider will want to check the health […]